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常見錯誤 Common mistake – habit vs hobbit

Common mistake - habit vs hobbit

I sometimes hear people say hobbit when they mean habit. The mistake is more common with those who score below band 6. Habits are behaviours or actions that you do automatically from doing them repeatedly. I usually sleep late due to my bad habit of playing on my mobile phone at night. I’m trying to …

常見錯誤 Common mistake – borrow vs lend

Common mistake in Hong Kong - borrow versus lend

Many Hong Kong people say ‘borrow’ when they mean ‘lend’. Wrong: I often borrow money to my friend because she always pays me back quickly. Right: I often lend money to my friend because she always pays me back quickly. Borrow means take temporarily. Lend means give temporarily. Why is this mistake so common? Because, …

寫作貼士 Should I avoid phrasal verbs in academic writing?

I previously wrote that for IELTS essays, one-word verbs are preferred over their phrasal verb equivalents because phrasal verbs normally sound informal. As with many things about language, there is no hard rule for this. In fact, it often depends phrasal verb. The ones to avoid would be those marked as INF in dictionaries (INF …

IELTS Speaking: 9 common vocabulary errors (Chinese & English subtitles)

IELTS高分祕笈: 9個常見的簡單詞彙錯誤 (中英文字幕) Published 22nd July, 2018 [fvplayer src=”https://ieltsbucket-seoul.s3.amazonaws.com/free/2018-6-10_common_vocabulary_errors/9_common_vocab_errors_subtitled-240p.mp4″ splash=”https://www.hkieltsteacher.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/9_common_vocab_errors_chinesesubtitles_not_buttoned_APhoto_q70p_irfan_q85p_compressed_by_tinypng.com_.jpg” qsel=”true”] Video defaults to ‘mobile’ quality to save data usage. Switch to SD or HD for faster WiFi connections. Clearing browser cache restores default settings.