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Can you score higher marks if you take the IELTS in another country?

I have read comments online claiming that IELTS candidates can score marks relatively more easily in one country compared to in other countries.  For instance, some have suggested that examiners in native English speaking countries such as The UK will mark harder (i.e. give lower marks) than examiners in non-native English speaking countries because they …

常見錯誤 Common mistake: a fifty dollars note

A simple but common error is to use a number and the plural form of a noun to form a compound adjective: We took a two weeks holiday. ✗ Let’s take a ten minutes break. ✗ I found a fifty dollars note. ✗ These must use the singular forms of the nouns (week, minute, dollar): We took a two-week holiday. ✓ Let’s take a ten-minute break. ✓ I found a fifty-dollar note. ✓ Note: hyphens (-) are needed.