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Bad or bat? Sad or sat? Bag or back?

Native speakers often don’t pronounce the final consonant sound such as the ‘d’ in bad and the ‘t’ in bat. Without their final consonant sounds, both words may look the same, but native speakers are still able to easily distinguish between the two. For bad, they will pronounce the ‘a’ vowel sound much longer than …

“Drop it down” or “jot it down”?

The correct phrase is “jot it down”. “To jot down” is an English phrasal verb which means “to write a note”. A common mispronunciation (particularly by Hong Kong Chinese) is “drop down” or “drop it down“. Some correct examples: This point is very important. I think you should jot it down. Before you call her, you should jot down some …

常見發音錯誤 Common pronunciation errors: consonant clusters

A group of two or more consonant sounds before or after a vowel sound is called a consonant cluster. For example: /b/ + /l/ in ‘black’ /d/ + /r/ and /ŋ/ + /k/ in ‘drink’ Many HK Chinese candidates mispronounce them (often dropping the second sound of the cluster) because Cantonese does not have them. So, ‘black’ …

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