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常見發音錯誤 Common pronunciation errors: consonant clusters

A group of two or more consonant sounds before or after a vowel sound is called a consonant cluster. For example: /b/ + /l/ in ‘black’ /d/ + /r/ and /ŋ/ + /k/ in ‘drink’ Many HK Chinese candidates mispronounce them (often dropping the second sound of the cluster) because Cantonese does not have them. So, ‘black’ …

Samples of my writing task marking service (task 1 and task 2)

For reference, here are three sample marked answer scripts which my students sent me to mark (shared with permission, names changed for anonymity): Task 1 (academic) sample answer – before and after map of Stokesford Task 1 (general training) sample answer – complaint letter to landlord Task 2 sample answer – compulsory parenting course Click …

Speaking test scoring method

In the IELTS speaking test, candidates receive a band score from 1 to 9 in the following four criteria: 1) Fluency and cohesion 2) Lexical resource (i.e. vocabulary) 3) Grammatical range and accuracy 4) Pronunciation Scores are assigned in each criteria based on “band descriptors” (download a copy of the band descriptors [public version] from the IELTS website here). The final …


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