Some suggested corrections and improvements from IELTS speaking test practice

Here is a collection of mistakes with suggested corrections/improvements (below) from a practice IELTS speaking test with one of my students:

Grammar (answers below)

Check you can correct the grammar mistakes in these sentences.

  1. I don’t know what is it
  2. Maybe people don’t really enjoy to buy
  3. The market sell
  4. That are the stuff men like.
  5. [Local people generally save money on food,] so they went to the wet market.
  6. Price is
  7. It sell different kind of stuff.
  8. [If the market closed down,) it will be a pity but I will go to another one.
  9. One time, I go to Victoria Peak.
  10. Now, when I grow up,
  11. I went overseas to study. When I return, …
  12. [I like to read about some famous person and] how they become
  13. If I have free time, then I will like to …
  14. with other peoples
  15. Even I don’t buy anything,
  16. more happier
  17. … with a lot of different peoples.

Pronunciation (answers below)

These are what I heard. Check you can say them correctly.

  1. Doze books are about …
  2. My mudder told me to learn it.
  3. At the market, there are a lot of tranny products.
  4. Take spots for example.
  5. Wunning Man
  6. Spot games
  7. Bought games

Phraseology (answers below)

These may or may not be grammatically correct, but can you say them in a more elegant way?

.     1a.  Now, when I grow up,
.     1b.  I keep my hobby.
.     2.    From my impression,
.     3.    That’s the stuff that men like to buy.
.     4.    What is your question, again?
.     5.     Take sports first.
.     6.    … maintain a good body.

Collocations (answers below)

Try to correct or improve the following word combinations:

  1. near to the MTR station.
  2. People like doing some indoor games.
  3. [By playing sports, you can get] healthy immediately.
  4. social circle will be broader

Other suggestions (answers below)

Which of the following would you say?

  1. more healthy vs healthier
  2. more happy vs happier


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