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Task 2 Academic & General Training model answers

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Writing Task 2 is to write a short essay in response to a given essay prompt.

While the Academic module and General Training module always have a different essay prompt on any given test day, their prompts share the same format:

They typically include
- a brief description of an issue concerning society. E.g. "Nowadays, more and more people..."
- a single opinion, or two opposing views about the issue. "Some people believe that..."
- one of the following types of questions/instructions:
1) To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
2) Discuss both views and give your own opinion
3) What is the best way for parents to ... ?
4) Why should we be concerned about this? What solutions would you suggest?
5) (a combination of the above [i.e. hybrid question])

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It is worth 40 marks out of 60, and the test is 60 min, so you should spend 40 min on Task 2.

Your essay should contain at least four paragraphs:
- an introduction
- two or more body paragraphs, and
- a conclusion.

Your body paragraphs should cover all parts of the task. For example, if the prompt says "discuss the advantages and disadvantages" but you discuss the advantages only, then you will lose marks in the Task Response criteria.

To score higher in Task Response, you should support your main ideas with one or more examples and further explanations.

If your discussion or examples are irrelevant (i.e. off topic), then you will lose marks in Task Response - the amount depends on how far off topic you are.

If you don't write a conclusion, then your Task Response score will be limited to 5.

You are expected to write at least 250 words. If you write less than that, you risk limiting your score in the Task Response criteria by not having adequately developed your essay.

Is there a maximum word count? No. There is no maximum word count for task 1 or task 2.

In fact, band 8 and 9 task 2 answers typically have well over 300 words, and trying to limit your word count to below 300 words can limit your score. Read here for more on this.

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