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Task 1 Academic model answers

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Writing Task 1 of the Academic module is called 'information transfer'.

The question presents graphical information - either graph(s), process diagram(s), table(s) of figures, or map(s)/floor plan(s) - which is to be described in at least 150 words.

Your answer should include:
1) an introduction - a paraphrase of the description given in the question
+ (not necessarily in this order):
2) an overview - a summary of key features (data trends/process steps/map changes) without using numbers
3) detail paragraph(s) - descriptions and comparisons of key features of the data/diagram(s)/map(s)

To score higher marks in Task Achievement, you need to "select the main features and make comparisons". See my article here for an explanation and examples on how to do this.

Do not add anything that is not presented in the question, or you will lose marks in Task Achievement. For example:
- do not try to give reasons for the data
- do not make predictions about how the data may change in the future
- do not add your opinions about the information presented (save your opinions for Task 2!)

Task 1 General Training or Academic – which is harder?

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