Private lessons

Private lessons (duration, focus, and location)

I will help you to achieve the band scores you need in the most efficient way possible.

  • You may choose one or more of the four parts of the IELTS you wish to improve your scores in (speaking, writing, listening, and/or reading).
  • You may take an initial lesson and later decide how many lesson hours you wish to take from there. I can advise you based on your current level and your desired level of improvement.
  • Students normally see their band score(s) improve by 0.5-1 in any one area (e.g. speaking or writing task 1 and/or 2) after 6-8 hrs of lessons.

Writing test

I will train you to use all of the language and other features necessary for a band score of 7 or higher (appropriate grammar/vocabulary, correct substitution/referencing, and more), and to avoid mistakes that will limit your score to below 7 (such as not answering the question appropriately, or errors with grammar, paragraphing, punctuation etc).

The course covers training for task 2 (essays), task 1 (graphs/tables/before and after maps/process diagrams) for the Academic module, or task 1 (formal/informal letters) for the General Training module, depending on your individual needs.

I will give you step-by-step training in appropriate structure, format, content and language for each task; demonstrations through model answer scripts; and feedback on your own written papers (either brought to class or written during the lesson). I can provide you with copies of test questions from published practice exam papers.

Speaking test

Similar to the writing test, I train you to use all of the language features necessary to achieve a band score of 7 or higher (more natural-sounding pronunciation, higher-level grammar/vocabulary, and more), and to avoid mistakes that will limit your score(s) in any area (such as costly pronunciation/grammar/fluency mistakes), particularly mistakes often made by Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese speakers of English.

For practice tests, I use questions on an extensive range of topics taken from published practice exam papers and which cover a range of language functions tested in the IELTS exam. Tests are as close to the real thing as possible regarding accurate timing, test procedure and the number of questions asked.  Not only will you learn exactly how to improve on your mistakes, but you will become familiar and more comfortable with the overall process.  You may take a look here at a related video I made recently with an audio clip from a practice test with one of my previous students (audio shared with the student’s permission and voice altered for anonymity).

Listening test

For the listening test, I have a short diagnostic test on many of the skills tested in the listening test, which can help you identify any weaknesses that you might need to focus on, and can see common errors and traps to avoid. I can teach you to recognise the sounds in natural (fast) speech which can make native spoken English difficult to understand.

You may take listening practice tests (or a part of a test) in class together with me, or as homework.

Reading test

As the reading test is a vocabulary test more than anything else, I can give you lists of difficult words and definitions on a variety of general topics that are regularly found in the IELTS, and practice activities for those words such as short reading passages and related activities. You may also take a speed-reading test, and learn techniques for improving your reading speed.

You may take sections of reading practice tests (with answers) in class together with me or for homework. These will help you familiarise yourself with the format of the test and help you to improve your reading test score.


Copies of all course materials are included free of charge.

All practice tests are sourced from the official Cambridge IELTS Examinations series.

Additional tests are available from other publishers if required.

Lesson location

To avoid the cost of classroom hire, private lessons are normally held in a cafe (Central district).

A dedicated classroom can be made available for an additional fee.

Alternatively, lessons may be conducted remotely via Skype (for a slightly discounted rate).

Available times

I am generally available afternoons/evenings from Monday to Friday and some Saturdays (depending on my examining schedule). Other times may become available.


For pricing details of in-person or Skype lessons, click here.



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