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Start or join a video chat

To start/join a video chat, type your unique room name, and click "Start meeting".
Ensure your mic and headphones are plugged in/enabled in your browser (refresh page).

Video meeting security, privacy and technical information

The video meeting is powered by the Jitsi Meet web application.

Why use Jitsi Meet?

  • It’s 100% private – it uses end-to-end encryption (E2EE) with perfect forward secrecy (PFS)*
  • It’s anonymous – no need for a username, email address or phone number to join a meeting
  • It’s convenient – use in a browser without installing software (mobile app also available)
  • It’s 100% open source – the source code can be scrutinized by anyone to check for malware
  • It’s free – developed under the Apache License 2.0 (ALv2)

*For 1-on-1 meetings, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) works with any browser.
*For group meetings, E2EE currently works only with any browser based on Chromium 83 and above, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave and Opera.