Marking service

IELTS writing Task 1 or Task 2 papers


Apart from private lessons, I offer a marking service for IELTS writing practice answers (task 1 or task 2).

The service includes proofreading plus a separate page of detailed feedback comments for each answer script (task 1 or task 2) on strengths and any weaknesses that will limit the band score for each of the four marking criteria:

  • Task Achievement (Task 1) / Task Response (Task 2)
  • Coherence and cohesion
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Click here for a sample task 1 and task 2 answer script each with a page of feedback comments.

Practice questions may be supplied by either the student or myself.

Answer scripts may be submitted by email (as a Word document or a handwritten scanned image).

Students taking lessons may submit their answer scripts during lessons and receive handwritten corrections and verbal feedback during the lesson (cost covered by the lesson fee). Scripts handed in during lessons to be marked outside the lesson would incur a separate fee.


1 answer script (task 1 or task 2):  $600 each
2 or more answer scripts:               $550 each