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IELTS writing Task 1: interesting comments and ‘coda’

In a previous post, I explained that, unlike Task 2, the text you write for Task 1

  • must NOT include your personal opinions on the data or topic
  • does NOT require a conclusion about the data

Writing interesting comments

You might notice an interesting feature related to a specific part of the data (i.e. too specific to go in the overview).

An interesting comment on a piece of the data would help you satisfy the Task Achievement marking criteria. That is, they help you present a more ‘developed’ response.

Writing a coda

If your last sentence of your text is an interesting comment on the data, and it relates to more than just one part of the data (such as comparing two or more items in an insightful way), then I would call it a ‘coda’.

A coda is a perfect way to end your text, because it can leave the reader with the impression that your final comment ‘completes’ your piece of writing, without you trying to make it sound like an essay by writing a summary or conclusion of the whole data set (as one could sound repetitious of an overview written earlier). A coda does not need a new paragraph.


Remember, summaries of the data are best kept in the general comments section towards the beginning of your text (officially called an overview) after the introduction.

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