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IELTS listening practice – choose two letters

In the IELTS listening test, some questions require you to choose two letters from five possible options A-E. For example, you may need to choose which two events are already happening or  which two facilities are already available (as opposed to being proposed for the future). Certain key words or phrases (such as We might…) indicate that an event or facility is proposed and can therefore be eliminated from the possible answers shown.

For example, listen to the two audio recordings and choose the correct two letters for questions 13-14 and 15-16 from IELTS 11 Test 2 section 2.

What key words or phrases tell you to ignore the wrong answers?

Questions 13 & 14

Choose TWO letters, A–E.

Which TWO facilities does the theatre currently offer to the public?

A   rooms for hire
B   backstage tours
C   hire of costumes
D   a bookshop
E   a café


Questions 15 and 16

Choose TWO letters, A–E.

Which TWO workshops does the theatre currently offer?

A   sound
B   acting
C   making puppets
D   make-up
E   lighting


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