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“How to spell?” or “How do you spell it?”

Students often use the wrong grammar when asking direct “how” questions:

Use the weak (schwa) sound Ə for “do you” and “it”
How to pronounce?How do you pronounce it?HOW dƏ yƏ prƏNOUNCE Ət?
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How to say?How do you say it?HOW dƏ yƏ SAY Ət?
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How to open?How do you open it?HOW dƏ yƏ OpƏn Ət?
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How to spell?How do you spell it?HOW dƏ yƏ SPELL Ət?
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Students probably make this mistake by confusing the direct question form (above) with an indirect question form (below):

Do you know how to pronounce/say/open/spell/etc it?

Could you tell me how to pronounce/say/open/spell/etc it?

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