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IELTS 9 test B task 1

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to make a claim for several personal items I lost while on a business trip to Italy last week. The items include a 12” Macbook notebook computer, accompanying Macbook charger, and a Slimline Macbook Travel Case (total purchase price: HK$10,800). My travel insurance number is YHR7173HK.

I lost the items at London Heathrow Airport while in transit from Rome to Hong Kong. Due to a delayed flight from Rome to London, I had only 45 minutes to transfer to my connecting flight to Hong Kong, requiring me to rush from one terminal to another upon landing. I remember carrying my notebook and charger in the travel case along with my small carry-on suitcase and backpack while I had stopped along the way to go to the toilet at the terminal I had arrived at. However, it was only after I was queuing at the gate to board my connecting flight minutes before boarding closed that I realized that I was missing my notebook, assuming that I had inadvertently left it in the restroom at the other terminal.

I would be grateful if I could have my claim expedited to be processed by the end of next week as I would need to buy a replacement notebook for an important business presentation in the following week.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason at 9123 4567 or gladys_ng@someemail.com.


Gladys Ng

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