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IELTS 9 test A task 1

Dear Yvonne,

I am writing to apply for a 3-week leave of absence a little over a month from now.

My daughter is getting married next month on Saturday 29th November, and I wish to take the three weeks off in the lead-up to her wedding (7th November through to 28th November) in order to help my daughter with her wedding preparations.

I know I’ve already taken two weeks off in February of my four-week annual leave quota this year. However, I was not anticipating my daughter’s getting married until after I had taken the leave. I’m hoping you could grant me an extra week this year from next year’s quota.

With the project expected to come to a close by the end of this month, I’m hoping that I won’t be desperately needed during next month. Nevertheless, in my absence, I am sure that Jodie would be able to take up the slack in case of any project overrun. She has been working closely with me since she came on board early last month. Even still, I’ll only be a phone-call away in case anyone needs to contact me for any urgent issue.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,


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