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IELTS 9 Test 2 Task 1

The bar graph gives information on the total combined duration of telephone calls made in the United Kingdom between 1995 and 2002 for each of fixed line local, fixed line national/international, and mobile calls.

From the graph, it can be observed that the total number of minutes of fixed line local calls reached a peak in 1999, while that of the other two types of calls rose over the period shown.

In 1995, the time spent on local calls was 72 billion minutes, which was almost double the total duration of intercity and international calls (37 billion minutes). In that year, mobile phone calls had only begun to emerge as an alternative method of phoning with 2-3 billion minutes registered. Over the subsequent four years, all three types of calls saw steady rises — fixed local calls to 90 billion, fixed line non-local to 50 billion and mobile calls to 13 billion minutes.

The second half of the period saw a rapid decline in local landline calls, which was more than made up for by an explosive growth in mobile calls, such that by 2002, they had fallen to their 1999 figure, and mobile calls had climbed to 45 billion minutes. Non-local landline calls’ steady growth had continued until 2002, reaching 60 billion minutes.

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