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IELTS 9 Test 1 Task 1

The two maps give information about an island pre- and post-construction of a tourist resort on it.

From the maps, it is apparent that the island was originally deserted with clumps of palm trees in the eastern and western areas, and will have most of them remaining untouched post-construction and a few in the western part shifted slightly towards the east.

The small treed area in the western part of the island will have a ring of six huts built around it, with a circular path connecting them all to a beach at the western tip of the island, where visitors can go swimming. To the west of those huts, a reception building is to be constructed having its own wider path encircling it. The circular path will connect the reception to a restaurant in the north and to a T-shaped pier on the southern shore line.

A slightly larger number of huts than in the western area will be built in the centre of the island to the east of the reception. While they will likewise be connected to each other by a circular path, there will be no path connecting them to the other buildings or facilities on the island.

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