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IELTS 7 Test 2 Task 1 (version 1)

The line graph illustrates the trends in the consumption of meat of four different kinds of animal in a country in Europe from 1979 to 2004. From the graph, it is apparent that some meats showed a declining trend, while another increased, and one remained relatively constant over the period.

At the beginning of the period, at an average of 220g per person per week, far more beef was eaten than the other three types of meat. Next was lamb at 150g per week, followed closely behind by chicken at 140g per week. Only 60g per week of fish was consumed in that year.

By 2004, the amount of fish eaten had seen a slight decline to 40g per week. In contrast, the other 3 types of animal products had shown dramatic changes: chicken consumption had risen markedly to 250g per week, while beef and lamb had plummeted to 100g per week and 60g per week respectively.

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