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IELTS 7 Test 1 Task 1

The table shows national consumer spending figures for several categories of consumer goods as a percentage of total expenditure in five different countries 2002.

It is apparent that, of the three different expense categories, Food/Drinks/Tobacco had the highest percentage of expenditure in each of the countries as well as the largest range of figures across those countries, while Leisure/Education had the lowest percentages and range.

Turkey and Ireland had the highest percentages (about double that of other the countries) for Food, drinks and cigarettes (around 30%). They also spent similar proportions on clothing and footwear – around the average of 6.5%. Where they differed was in Leisure and Education; Turkey had the highest figure for all five countries at 4.35%, whereas Ireland had the second lowest.

Although the other three countries Italy, Spain, and Sweden saw similar expenditure percentages for Food/Drinks/Tobacco, Italy had a disproportionately high figure (9%) for clothing and footwear compared to the other four countries, while Spain had the lowest for Leisure and Education (1.98%).

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