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IELTS 6 test A task 1

Dear Mr. Edwards,

My name is Thomas Reynolds. My wife and I have recently moved into your lovely furnished rental flat at Flat 8, 123 Box Street, Willborough.

Shortly after settling into the flat, we discovered a few issues with some of the furniture, which we hope you could help us sort out.

Firstly, one of the chairs of the dining table has a split leg, which we fear might snap if we continue to sit on it.  Actually, my wife noticed it when her leg brushed up against the fracture, which gave her a scratch. Luckily, it didn’t draw blood.

Another problem we noticed is that the shelving unit in the living room has an uneven shelf. After investigating it, I discovered that the shelf was secured in place with a thumbtack, which had been put there to replace a missing pin.

We would be grateful if you could order a replacement matching chair for the dining table within the next week or so. Regarding the missing pin on the shelf, if you let me know where you bought the shelving unit, I can ask the manufacturer for a spare pin myself.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 9123-45678.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thomas Reynolds

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