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IELTS 5 Test 3 Task 1

The map is of the town of Garlsdon and has been marked with two potential sites for a supermarket which is being proposed to help cater for its population of 65,000. From the illustration, it is clear that the locations of the two possible sites being considered vary considerably in terms of centrality in relation to the town and its neighbouring towns.

The first suggested site lies to the northwest of the town, in the area zoned ‘countryside’, outside the perimeter of the housing zone. As such, it would potentially be accessible to the townsfolk by the northwest road and rail line connecting it to the nearest and smallest neighbouring town of Hindon, particularly by those in the in the northwestern adjacent housing and countryside areas of Garlsdon.

The second proposed location for the supermarket is in the town centre (in which private vehicles are prohibited), on the south side of the rail line. This arrangement would not only be more central to all the residents in and around the town, but also more accessible to those in the neighbouring town Cransdon with road and railway access and the smaller town Bransdon with road access.

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