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IELTS 5 Test 2 Task 1

The bar graphs give information about why students of different age groups decide to study and the percentage of people in each group who receive employer support in terms of study leave and tuition fee subsidisation.

From the charts, we see that younger people tend to take up study for career reasons, whereas older adults study for personal interest. Younger people also enjoyed the most support from their employers of all age groups.

For the youngest age group (under 26), 8 in 10 choose to study for work, and only 1 in 10 for personal interest. Most adults in their later twenties also study for their work (70%), and still relatively few study primarily for interest reasons (15%). As people get older, personal interest rather than one’s career becomes a more important reason for study, such that by 40-49 years old, both reasons play an equally important role (40% each), and for over 49 year olds, it is mostly for interest (7 in 10 people).

Of the people under 26 who undertake study, 65% enjoy some form of study support from their employer. This figure drops rapidly until 30-39 years of age (35%). The older two groups regain some of the employer support (38% for 40-49; 45% for over 49s), though nowhere near the level afforded to the youngest group.

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