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IELTS 4 Test 3 Task 1

The horizontal bar plot illustrates the ratios of male to female graduates for each level of tertiary qualification in Australia in 1999.

From the graph, it can be observed that bachelor degrees had the most even distribution between both genders, whereas skilled vocational diplomas saw the greatest disparity. Other levels of qualifications had varying, albeit lesser, degrees of discrepancy – some in favour of males; others, females.

The lowest level of post-secondary school qualifications in Australia (vocational diploma) was dominated by males (9 out of every 10 diplomas held). For the next highest qualification, undergraduate diploma, the discrepancy was almost reversed (70% female versus 30% male). As the qualification rises for each of the next two levels, there appears to be a rising trend for men and increasingly lower figures for women, such that number of men with a bachelor’s degrees in that year (46%) had almost caught up to that for women (54%), and as many as 7 in 10 postgraduate degrees were held by men. For master’s degree, the trend moved slightly in the opposite direction, with 6 out 10 graduates being men.

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