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IELTS 4 Test 1 Task 1

The table gives information on poverty rates for different types of families in Australia in 1999.

From the information given, it can be seen that, apart from those who were elderly, single people – whether or not with children – saw far higher prevalences of poverty than other family groups, while the aged enjoyed the lowest rates on average.

In 1999, the group with the lowest proportion of them to be living below the poverty line in Australia was elderly couples at only 4%, or 48,000 people. Only an extra 2% of their single counterparts found themselves in the same situation (54,000 in total). Followed closely behind both elderly groups were childless couples, of whom 7%, or 211,000 people, were poverty-stricken.

For other groups, the figures were more sobering. Over 1 in 10 (12% of) people (933,000 people) in households of couples with children were struggling financially, and it was almost double the rate for single parent families (21% or 232,000 people). Childless single people were apparently not faring much better, as almost 1 in 5 (19% or 359,000 people) were earning less than the minimum required for a basic standard of living.

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