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IELTS 3 Test 1 Task 1

The bar chart illustrates how many Japanese citizens holidayed overseas each year from 1985 to 1995, while the line graph gives information about the percentages of those travelers who chose Australia as their travel destination.

From the chart, it is readily apparent that there was a steady overall increase in the number of Japanese travellers globally over the period shown. Simultaneously, according to the line graph, Australia’s market share saw a significant almost linear increase throughout the same period.

In 1985, approximately 5 million Japanese travelled abroad for a holiday, and only 2% of these (100,000) sojourned in Australia. Over the 5 years that followed, the number of Japanese travellers worldwide rose steadily year on year to reach 11 million, during which period, Australia welcomed an extra 1-1.5% each year, except in 1989, where it lost over 1% of that market.

By 1995, international Japanese tourist numbers had trebled from their initial figure, and the proportion of those visiting Australia had meanwhile quadrupled.

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