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IELTS 2 test B task 1

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to follow up on the case of my lost luggage (case no. 62-019-210) as I have not heard back from you since initially filing the report with your department last Saturday.

For your reference, as I wrote in the report, I was unable to locate my suitcase at the baggage claim area after arriving in Hong Kong on flight MH390 from Brisbane last Saturday 27th March.

My suitcase is a black Luxor brand with four wheels and an extra long telescopic handle. It has a strip of black and yellow barricade tape fastened on the front and both sides for easier identification.

The suitcase’s contents included a tailor-made Armani suit, 2 diamond-encrusted Harry Winston cufflinks and other general clothing items, to the total value of 50,000 HKD.

As I need to file an insurance claim by the end of this week, I would appreciate a written reply with the status of my case by end of business this Thursday 1st April.

Please contact me on my mobile at 9333 3222 for any reason.


James Thornton

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