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IELTS 2 test A task 1

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have several books on loan (borrowed from Hong Kong Central Library branch), which are due to be returned by tomorrow. However, I will be unable to return them on time due to unforeseen circumstances and would therefore like to request an extension to the loan period. My library card number is 938183731.

My uncle suffered a massive heart attack yesterday while on a business trip in Mainland China and has been admitted to hospital in Guangzhou. He is currently in the Intensive Care Unit and it is uncertain whether he will recover.

I plan to take the train there tomorrow morning to visit him in hospital and may need to stay in Guangzhou for at least the next few days, possibly longer. Hence, I will not be able to the return the books on time and would kindly ask for an extension (preferably 2 weeks if possible, just in case I need to stay there that long).

In any case, I shall return the books as soon as I am back in Hong Kong.

Thank you for your consideration.


Michael Bates

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