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IELTS 14 Academic Test 4 Task 1

The three pie charts illustrate for various meal types in the USA the average proportional constituents of three different kinds of nutrients, which are believed to cause health problems when eaten to excess.

From the charts, it can be seen that an average dinner contains more sodium and saturated fat than the other meal types, while snacks contribute to the most amount of sugar consumed throughout the day.

Similar proportional distribution patterns are seen across the four typical of meals for both sodium and saturated fat. The highest amounts were 43% and 37% respectively for dinner; next, 29% and 26% for lunch; lowest amounts for either breakfast (14% sodium and 16% saturated fat) or snacks (14% sodium and 21% saturated fat).

In contrast, the pattern for sugar differs by having almost half the daily consumption from snacks (42%). The remaining average daily intake of sugar was fairly equally distributed among dinner, lunch and breakfast (in that order of intake amount).

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