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IELTS 14 Academic Test 2 Task 1

The bar chart illustrates the export revenue in billions of dollars earned from various product categories for a particular country for 2015 an 2016. The table below it gives precise figures for the percentage changes in each of those categories over the same 12-month period.

It is apparent that while all five sectors presented are important export earners for that country, the two dominant categories are petroleum products and engineered goods and they enjoyed two of the three biggest increases over the period.

In 2015, at a fraction over $60 billion in total revenue, petroleum-based products were the countries biggest export. At around $4 billion below this engineered goods came in a close second. The other three sectors, while noticeably lower, were still accounted for a major part of the export revenue: gems and jewellery brought in $43 billion; the agriculture sector, $31 billion; textiles, $26 billion.

By 2016, the two leading sectors had risen by 3% and 8.5% apiece. In contrast however, the third key industry gems and jewellery experienced a 5.18% slump. Though being the lowest earner in 2015, textiles saw the biggest gains of the five such that by 2016 it was on a par with agricultural products, which had remained relatively unchanged over the period.

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