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IELTS 14 Academic Test 1 Task 1

The three pie charts illustrate the average proportions of three different nutrients considered harmful to health when eaten to excess for four typical daily meals in the US.

From the charts, it is readily apparent that the meal containing the most of the sodium and saturated is dinner, whereas the highest proportion of sugar is found in snacks. In contrast, breakfast contained the lowest percentages of all three undesirable nutrients.

Sodium and saturated fat have similar patterns of proportional uptake across the four meal types studied. They both have the highest figures for dinner (43% and 37% respectively) and the second highest for lunch (29% and 26%). The remaining daily intake of these two nutrients is fairly similar for breakfast at 14% for sodium and 16% for saturated fat, while for snacks, there is considerably more fat (21%) than there is sodium (14%).

Sugar shows a completely different pattern with snacks being the biggest culprit – accounting for as much as 42% of the average daily ingestion of it. The remaining daily sugar intake was spread fairly evenly across the other three meals, though again, dinner contained the highest amount at 23%; then lunch, 19%; followed by breakfast, 16%.

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