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IELTS 13 Academic Test 4 Task 1

The two diagrams show the current and future floor plans of a university sporting complex.

According to the plans, the building that currently houses an indoor swimming pool and fitness room will be expanded to take up the area of the two outdoor courts on opposite sides of the building, with them being replaced by new indoor sporting facilities and shops.

Currently, the indoor section of the sports centre is comprised of a 25m swimming pool, gym, seating and changing room, all situated behind the reception at the front entrance. Outdoors, there are two courts – one on the western side of the building; the other, the eastern side.

The proposed renovations involve expanding the building to take up the space of the courts on either side, so that it can fit a new indoor leisure pool in the western wing with a change room, and on the eastern end, a new sports hall, changing room and two dance studios. The existing gym will be lengthened towards the eastern end adjacent to one of the dance studios. The current indoor pool will remain unchanged.

While the reception will remain as is, the widened indoor area at the front entrance will accommodate a sports shop in the western corner and a cafe in the eastern corner.

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