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IELTS 13 Academic Test 3 Task 1

The horizontal bar chart gives information about the amount of electricity produced and consumed in billions of kilowatt hours for the top ten countries in the year 2014.

From the chart, it can be seen that all countries apart from Germany produced slightly more electricity than they consumed, with China being clearly the dominant producer followed closely by the United States.

In terms of the amount of electricity produced and consumed, China was well out in front producing 5,398kWh and using 5,322kWh.  America came in second at slightly under 80% of those figures (4,099kWh and 3,866kWh respectively).

The remaining countries reported figures between 10 and and a little over 20 percent of those for America. Russia, in third place, generated 1,057kWh and utilized 1,038kWh in total, which was slightly above the amounts for Japan (936.2kWh and 856.7kWh) and India (871kWh and 698.8kWh).

The remaining 5 countries Canada, France, Brazil, Germany and S. Korea had figures in the narrower ranges of between 618.9kWh and 485.1kWh for production; 499.9kWh and 449.5kWh, consumption.

Germany was an anomaly among the top ten countries by having a slightly higher usage of electricity than it produced.

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