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IELTS 13 Academic Test 2 Task 1

The bar chart illustrates the proportion of people in Wales and England who were renting versus owning their own home from 1918 through to 2011.

From the chart, it is readily apparent that the beginning of the period saw most households in rented accommodation, with the percentage falling steadily thereafter, such that towards the end of the period, renters were in the minority.

In 1918, almost 80% of people in England and Wales dwelled in leased accommodation, and a little over 20% were owners of their own home. From that year until the early 90s, the percentages witnessed a steady decline until slowing to reach a minimum in 2001 at just over 30%. The only exception was in 1953, where the figures had seen no change since the previous figure 14 years earlier.

The final decade from 2001 to 2011 saw the trend reverse, with the proportion of those in rented accommodation climbing to 36%.

Naturally, due to the population being divided into the two segments of renters and owners, the changing percentage of home owners over the period was a mirror image of the trend seen for rented accommodation.

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