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IELTS 13 Academic Test 1 Task 1

The two maps illustrate the changes from 2007 to 2010 in road access to a hospital in a city.

According to the maps, there was a ring road (called Ring Road) circling the hospital in both years, and by 2010, there were several additional features to enhance the access for both public and private vehicles.

In 2007, the ring road around the hospital was connected to the main road (City Road) in the south via the single road called Hospital Road with a simple T-intersection at Ring Road and a crossroads at City Road. In 2010, the T-intersection and crossroads had each been replaced by roundabouts.
In 2007, there were three bus stations along either side of Hospital Road, but in 2010, there was a newly-built bus bay to the west of Hospital Road. The roundabout at City Road had an off-ramp to the bus bay. Similarly, the roundabout at Ring Road had an on-ramp to it from the bus bay.

In 2007, the hospital staff and the public shared a single car park on the eastern side of Hospital Road. By 2010, that car park was designated staff-only, and a new car park for the public had been constructed on the eastern side of the hospital on the outer side of Ring Road.

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