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IELTS 12 Academic Test 8 Task 1

The diagram gives information about how electricity is produced by a geothermal power plant.

The plant derives its energy solely from the renewal source of heat energy of the earth.

Firstly, cold water from a chamber at ground level is pumped deep underground (4.5km below the surface) through a pipe to reach an area in the earth referred to as the injection well. The injection well is at the layer of hot rocks known as the geothermal zone.

The water travels horizontally along the geothermal zone absorbing heat from the rocks until it reaches an area referred to as the production well, which is just below another pipe that brings the water back to the earth’s surface.

The hot water is pumped from the production well back up to the surface into a condenser where it converts to steam. The steam is fed through an outlet at the top of the condenser to power the turbine.

The turbine shaft is connected the generator shaft such that as the turbine spins, so does the generator, which then produces electricity.

The generator feeds its electricity into the grid via high-voltage transmission lines carried by transmission towers.

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