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IELTS 11 Academic Test 4 Task 1

The table gives figures for the number of patrons visiting Ashdown Museum in the year before the museum’s refurbishment and the year after it. The two pie charts illustrate the results of a survey on visitor satisfaction conducted during both those two years.

According to both charts, the year following the refurbishments saw noticeable increases in both the number of visitors and overall visitor satisfaction, which suggests that the renovations were a great success overall.

Over the year prior to the renovations, the museum received 74,000 visitors. The year after, visitor numbers rose significantly by 18,000 to 92,000 visitors.

Before the improvements were made to the museum, less than half of all visitors felt satisfied to some degree (30% were satisfied; 15%, very satisfied). Half of all visitors expressed some level of dissatisfaction, and 5% gave no response.

Once the renovations had been completed, the satisfaction rate skyrocketed with a 10% increase in those who were satisfied and a whopping 20% rise in the number of very satisfied patrons. Figures for those who felt either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied had both decreased, so that collectively, they made up only one in five visitors. Again, 5% did not give a response to the survey.

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