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IELTS 11 Academic Test 3 Task 1

The line graph gives information on the per capita carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted in metric tonnes in four different countries in Europe from 1967 to 2007.

From the graph, it is evident that two of the countries had reduced their emissions, while the other two had significantly increased theirs by the end of the forty year period.

In 1967, each country had distinctly different average CO2 emission levels per person, with the UK’s being the highest at almost 11 tonnes, followed by Sweden at 8.5 tonnes, Italy at 4.2 tonnes and finally Portugal at only 1.6 tonnes. Ten years later, the average emission level in the UK had remained constant, while those of the other three countries had increased by between 1 and 2 metric tonnes.

During the final three decades, emissions in the two top CO2 emitting countries saw steady declines, such that the average UK citizen created 8.8 tonnes, and in Sweden, it had slid to 5.5 tonnes. Meanwhile, in Portugal, the average annual emissions per person had risen dramatically to match that of Sweden, and in Italy, it had surpassed Sweden’s and almost reached the same level as the UK at 7.8 tonnes.

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