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IELTS 11 Academic Test 1 Task 1

The pie charts give information on the relative amounts of water used for three different purposes in six regions of the world.

According to the charts, in most areas of the world, water was used predominantly for agriculture, and households used the least, if not, the second least amount.

In Europe and North America, the two most developed regions, industry required around half of the total amount of water used (53% and 48% respectively). In both of those parts of the world, agricultural use accounted for around one third of all water used. The remainder (15% in Europe and 13% in North America) was used for domestic purposes.

In regions generally comprised of developing nations, the main reason for water use was to grow crops. In descending order of relative amount used within each region for this purpose, it was Central Asia (88%), Africa (84%), South East Asia (81%) and South America (71%). In all these areas (except for South East Asia, which had a 5% higher figure for industrial use over domestic use), households consumed the next highest, albeit fairly insignificant, amount of water. Relatively little was needed for industry.

In conclusion, industrialized regions tend to use the largest portion of their water for industry, whereas other regions use it mostly for agriculture. The proportion for domestic usage is relatively minor for all regions.

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