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IELTS 10 Test 3 Task 2 (version 1)

The modern global economy blesses consumers with easy access to a standardised array of goods from around the world no matter the buyer’s location. Nevertheless, I think this is an unfortunate reality because it robs adults and children who travel of the opportunity to totally immerse themselves in a unique culture outside their own, and also devalues certain traditional items that were once accessible only to the traveller.

A major part of the appeal of travelling abroad is to gain culturally unique experiences – for example, sampling authentic local cuisine while enjoying the ambiance such as in a pizzeria in Rome, or travelling by an unusual mode of transport such as a tuk-tuk in Bangkok. However, with globalisation, tourists are now bombarded with advertising in the streets for products or services that are already familiar to them in their home country such as those of certain fast food or beverage chains. When confronted by images of familiar restaurants and other retail products, foreign travelers may forget for a moment which country they are in, or at the very least, the magic of the travel experience is watered down because of it.

Not only does globalised access to certain restaurant chains or goods detract from the ambiance felt by the traveler while in the foreign country, it also causes certain items or memorable experiences to lose their perceived value back home. A visitor to Australia may have enjoyed capturing the moment while dining at an authentic steakhouse only to find that the same Australian steakhouse restaurant chain is opening in their home city back home. The silk scarf the businessman had bought for his wife while on a business trip in China may also be being sold in the local department store in his home country. The increased ubiquity of all manner of traditional products of a particular country lessens their value in terms of uniqueness.

In conclusion, granted that being able to buy more and more of the same products all over the world does bring more convenience, I think it makes the world a blander place overall.

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