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IELTS 10 Test 3 Task 1

The two bar charts give information about the type of work or study undertaken upon graduating from graduate and postgraduate college programmes in the UK in 2008 by students who did not commence full-time employment.

From the charts, it can be seen that the highest proportion of graduates from both types of programmes went on to further their studies.

The total number of UK college graduates continuing their studies in 2008 was 29,665 – far higher than any other group of students who did not take up full-time work upon graduation. The next two highest groups – part-time workers and unemployed – were not too dissimilar from each other in numbers: 17,735 and 16, 235 respectively. The number of graduates going into voluntary work was relatively low at 3,500.

The figures for postgraduates, albeit significantly lower overall, were proportionally similar to those for graduates. Again, further study had the highest number (2,725), while the other three fell in the same order: part-time work, unemployment and voluntary work, with 2,535, 1,625 and 345 postgraduates respectively.

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