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IELTS 10 Test 2 Task 1

The first table provides sales figures in millions of euros for Fairtrade-labelled coffee in 1999 and 2004 in five countries in Europe. The second table shows figures for Fairtrade banana sales in those same years and countries.

From the charts, it can be observed that the coffee sales saw an increase over the five-year period in all countries shown, whereas, the sales of bananas rose in some countries but fell in others.

In 1999, there was not a significant difference between the five countries in terms of the amount of coffee sold; figures ranged from 0.8 million euros (Sweden) to 3 million euros (Switzerland). By 2004, the UK had seen the largest increase (1.5 to 20 million euros), followed by Switzerland with a moderate rise of 3 to 6 million, and then, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark (1 to 1.7, 0.8 to 1, and 1.8 to 2 million respectively).

In contrast to coffee, there was a wide range of figures for banana sales in 1999 of between 0.6 million euros for Belgium and 15 million for Switzerland. By 2004, sales in Belgium, Switzerland and the UK had gone up dramatically (between about 300 to 600%), while they had dropped by about half in Sweden and Denmark.

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