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IELTS 1 General Training Test task 1

Dear Sir,

I have enjoyed the friendly and personalised service provided by your bank since I opened my keycard savings account at your Warwick Branch three and a half years ago. I have since opened a credit card account and taken out a mortgage with your bank, and have been very faithful in making my monthly repayments for these through automatic direct debits from my savings account at the beginning of each month.

However, last Friday, I received a letter from your bank stating that my savings account would be charged a $70 penalty for being $240 overdrawn. I wish to dispute this fee as I believe that the account overdrawn status was caused by a duplicate charge error by the merchant’s eCommerce website. While purchasing a plane ticket on Monday last week on the Westair website, I had lost my internet connection and had to refresh my web browser to complete the transaction. Doing so inadvertently caused my account to be charged twice, which put it into a debit balance of $240. You may confirm this by checking this month’s statement and seeing the duplicate transaction of $380 on the 18th.

Please kindly reverse the duplicate transaction and cancel the pending fee.

I look forward to your reply.

Harold Penhurst

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