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IELTS 1 Test 4 Task 1

The diagram gives information about the development of Chorleywood (a village with a steadily-growing population) between 1868 and 1994.

According the diagram, the village underwent three expansion phases and two transportation infrastructure upgrades over the 126-year period. The diagram also indicates that the village’s main features are Chorleywood Park and a golf course.

In the early days between 1863 and 1883, the village consisted of a small ovular area along the eastern side of the main road. The village was then expanded to the south along the same road between 1883 to 1922 to more than triple its total original area. During this first period of expansion, a railway was built running from east to west with a station being built inside the expanded area.

From 1922 to 1970, further development expanded the village along the south of the railway line on either side of the main road. The third phase of development commenced with the opening of a motorway in 1970 running north to south to the east of the village. From that year until 1994, the land was developed on either side of the motorway in the north and along the railway in the south.

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