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IELTS 1 Test 3 Task 1

The bar chart compares the per capita expenditure per week on three different types of fast food for three income segments of the population. The line graph show the average daily consumption in grammes of each of the three fast food types between 1970 and 1990.

According to the graph, hamburger and pizza consumption in Britain increased exponentially over the period, while fish and chips showed a sight fall. The bar chart indicates that hamburgers are the most popular fast food option of those in the high and middle income groups, while fish and chips are the preferred choice for low income earners.

In 1970, fish and chips was the staple fast food for Britons at 300g consumed per person per week – considerably more than the other two fast food types. However, by 1985, fish and chips had declined steadily to 200g. Meanwhile, hamburger and pizza consumption enjoyed an exponential growth such that by 1990, their consumption rates were 540g and 290g respectively per person per week.

The chart shows that the high income earners spend more than twice as much (42 pence) on hamburgers than on the other two fast foods. Similarly, the middle income group spends more on hamburgers (34 pence) but only 25% more than it does on pizza. Those in the low income bracket spend most of their fast food budget on fish and chips (19 pence).

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