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IELTS 1 Test 2 Task 1

The flow diagram illustrates how the Australian weather bureau collates real-time weather data to issue reliable weather forecasts.

According to the diagram, the process consists of four stages beginning with data begin collected from three different sources, and ending with the weather forecast being broadcast via three different telecommunication systems.

The initial stage involves weather data arriving from satelite, land-based radar stations, and specialised marine floating devices known as drifting buoys. The satelite provides images of cloud patterns over and around the Australian continent. Similarly, the radar signal produces images of atmospheric cloud formations surrounding the radar station. Data from drifting buoys, along with information from the satelite and radar systems, are combined to produce a synoptic chart, which consists of concentric patterns of isometric pressure.

The images produced from all three sources are analysed before the weather forecast is written up on a computer. The forecast is then disseminated to the public via radio and television broadcasts, and a telephone recorded message.

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