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IELTS 1 Test 1 Task 1

The two charts give information on the results of a survey conducted on the topic of adult education. The horizontal bar chart compares the various reasons adults choose to study. The pie chart illustrates how people would prefer the costs of each course to be shared.

According to the bar chart, the two most popular reasons for study are subject interest and qualifications (40% and 38% respectively). The next most common reason is to assist with current employment, which at 22% is slightly higher than the next two reasons at 20% each: for promotion purposes or simply for the love of learning. 12% of the respondents indicated that they chose to study in order to change jobs, while the least most common reason at 9% was to make new acquaintances.

Regarding the preferred distribution of study costs between stakeholders, most people are in favour of paying the largest share of the course fee out of pocket (40% on average). People feel that the remaining portion of the cost should be shared between their employers (35%) and the government (25%).

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