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Avoid adding your own ideas in Writing Task 1

When marking task 1 papers, I occasionally read attempts at giving reasons for any trends in the data, often in a ‘conclusion’ paragraph, such as why there was an overall increase in the number of people travelling overseas.

Remember, as I mentioned in a much earlier post, conclusions are not necessary in Task 1.

If you do decide to add a conclusion, then make sure that it draws only on the information given, and not on your own knowledge. Otherwise, it will limit your score. Here is why:

In the Task 1 band descriptors (public version), for one of the four marking criteria – Task Achievement criteria (TA):

  • a band 4 includes: “parts may be unclear, irrelevant, repetitive or inaccurate”.
  • a band 6 includes: “presents and adequately highlights key features/bullet points but details may be irrelevant, inappropriate or inaccurate”.

Irrelevant information includes information which is not given on the question paper.

Therefore, any information you add to your answer which you can’t see on the question paper will likely limit your score in Task Achievement (TA).

Specifically, if you add irrelevant information to a point of detail, it would limit TA score to a maximum of 6, while if the irrelevant information takes a key focus (such as in a conclusion), TA could drop below 6.

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