You’re in the right place to score even higher

Have you spent precious time, money and energy on preparing for the IELTS with little or no result?

Then, you simply haven’t learnt the rules of the game and how to satisfy them.

The IELTS has specific criteria for points and penalties, which are outlined in the Band Descriptors.

The quickest and surest way to improve your IELTS score is by practising with an IELTS teacher who can accurately identify your weakness(es) against the descriptors and help you improve on them.

Whether you wish to prepare for the writing test (task 1 or task 2) or the speaking test, you can improve your scores fast through training and practice during private lessons, or my IELTS writing marking service through e-mail.

Start improving immediately with my IELTS improvement tips on YouTube or my blog, which are mostly aimed at native Chinese speakers.

Feel free to contact me for further information or to book a private lesson. I look forward to hearing from you soon!





Grant Richardson
IELTS Instructor

Student Testimonials

Jane Ngai – I took several private lessons with Grant, and I was able to improve my score in speaking from 6 to 7. The training he provided was very practical. It surely boosted my confidence in facing the exam.

Wan Wing Sze Grace – Living in a country with fresh air and spacious environment is my dream, the requirement for entering this ideal living place was that I had to score minimum 6.5 in all 4 papers of IELTS in 2017.

I tried to study IELTS by myself and sat on 3 times’ exam in 2017. Nonetheless, no matter how much effort I paid on doing IELTS excises and how much material I revised, I still was unable to attain the result what I was required especially in Speaking and writing papers. I only scored 5.5 and 6 respectively.

It made me feeling hopeless until one of my friends who had taken IELTS lessons with Grant several years and recommended him to me, the exam technique sharing and guidance from Grant enhanced the confidence of mine again. I just took 6 one-hour speaking and writing lessons with Grant over two weeks, I retook the test and successfully scored 6.5 in both speaking and writing papers. I feel appreciated that my friend recommend Grant as my IELTS teacher who is the best English teacher I have ever met.

Vivian Yau WC – Grant helped me to improve my speaking band score from 5.5 to 6.5 in two months. He figured out my weakness and analyzed the exam strategy, which improved my exam performance.

Arthur Yan – (from text conversation – shared with permission) Hi Grant. How are you? It’s been more than a year since you taught me! In fact, almost two years! I just want to update you that I’ve migrated to Australia, thanks to your training
Just a few lessons and your help might have changed my life
I’m sure it’s all because of your training. And actually I think the improvement has since been helping me in my career too.
I actually recommended you to a few people, young and old
I would think your teaching not only benefits those who take ielts. ielts is just a means to all round English skills